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Welcome to the Game Section

Welcome to the Game Section site. The Game Section is a powerfull plugin for the  MyBB forum software, creating a whole environment to play games on your board. it offers you a way of keeping track of high-scores, order your games in categories, a search function, favourites-list, ...


  • Scores
  • High scores
  • Categories
  • Stats
  • Stats of users
  • Online
  • Settings of user
  • Rate system
  • Search system
  • Style integration
  • Themes
  • Tournaments New
  • Favourites New

Supported games

Currently, the Game Section supports the following systems to submit a score:

  • IBProArcade v2
  • IBProArcade v32
  • vBulletin v3

System requirements

Game Section 1.2 requires a running MyBB 1.4.x or 1.6.x installation. Note that the Game Section currently only supports MySQL as DBMS, so you should have a MySQL(i) installation of MyBB.


Since Game Section 1.1 the Game Section is licensed under the terms of the GNU/GPL.


If you want to use the Game Section plugin on your MyBB board, you can go to the downloads-section.

You can download games to add to your installation of the Game Section on the  Game Section Community Forums, where a registered member may download 100 games a day. Of course, there are other sites where you can download supported games on the internet.


If you encounter some problem using the Game Section, be sure you look to the FAQ section first. If you don't find an answer to your question, feel free to go to the  Community Forums to pose your question, but don't forget that there exists a search-function ;)